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Jane Austens Perfect Heroine The Use of Reserve in Persuasion - Literature Essay Samples

Jane Austens Perfect Heroine:The Use of Reserve in PersuasionHer character was now fixed on his mind as perfection itself.Jane Austen, PersuasionAnne Elliot is often described as Jane Austens most mature and perfect heroine; and so she is. One is disposed to share Captain Wentworths sentiments when he pronounces Annes character to be perfection itself, maintaining the loveliest medium of fortitude and gentleness (226). Jane Austens use of reserve in her 1818 novel Persuasion is a device to set her heroine off against the people and society around her, and, most of all, to give Anne an air of perfection. By giving her a reserved character, Anne becomes the antipode of a society with decaying values. Austen speaks out against the attitude of the aristocracy, the inclination of a willful disposition, and a decreasing sense of decorum.Sir Walter Elliot is the embodiment of the declining aristocracy in Regency England, which Anne escapes by marrying someone from the rising professional cl ass. According to Paul Cantor the aristocracy no longer bases its claim to rule on its intrinsic merit or superiority in virtue, [but n]ow the aristocracys pre-eminence rests solely on its birth, which in practice means on pure snobbery. Sir Walter is the epitome of such snobbery; he ignores the responsibilities he has as landed gentry, and denies the old aristocratic values. However, the traditional aristocratic standards are sustained by the characters from the rising middle class, and they take over the role of the landed gentry in society and in the navy. During the Napoleonic wars the aristocracy deserted its responsibility as military leader and left it to the middle class to fight their battles. The result is a power shift which places political power and wealth in the hands of the middle class and leaves the aristocracy to perish. Anne Elliot is aware of all this and rather wishes to be associated with the professional class, than with the old aristocracy into which she was born.Anne, with an elegance of mind and sweetness of character, which must have placed her high with any people of real understanding, was nobody with either father or sister: her word had no weight; her convenience was always to give way;-she was only Anne (7). In the opening chapters of Austens novel we quickly learn that, despite her excellent character, Anne is nobody to her kin. She is put in the background, and she seems fairly comfortable being there. But even though Anne is nothing or nobody to her relatives, we learn also that her family consists merely of people of no real understanding. They are proud, snobbish and only interested in outward appearances. Anne is marginalized by her own family members and even she herself believes that [t]o be claimed as a good, though in an improper style, is at least better than being rejected as no good at all (32). Besides, her significance is here not only diminished by Anne and her family, but Austen reinforces this claim by not lett ing Anne speak for herself until the third chapter of the novel. Before that, we only get acquainted with her through the eyes and words of her family, Lady Russell and the narrator. Slowly but surely Anne moves to the center of the stage, as she quietly shares her observations and judgments about the people around her with the reader. In the introduction to Persuasion, Gillian Beer states that Anne, like the reader, like her author, is an unobtrusive participant in [the Bath] scenes, her psychic drama almost entirely invisible to any other person. She can fit in and be useful anywhere, hence her obscurity (xxi). In other words, Annes reserve provides her with the opportunity to criticize inconspicuously the behavior of her family, while her personality keeps growing even more admirable. As we gain more insight into Annes character, her aristocratic family members keep becoming more inferior to her. E.B. Moon accurately points out that the evaluation of the heroinebecomes a test of character for others, a test which her relatives fail miserably. Austen uses this contrast between Anne and the other Elliots to criticize the narcissistic and conceited attitude of the aristocracy, but most of all to emphasize Anne Elliots perfection.By comparing Annes reserved and collected disposition to Louisas unrestrained personality, Austen, once more, portrays Annes superiority of character. When talking to his sister, Captain Wentworth describes the woman he would like to marry. With a persuadable Anne Elliot in the back of his mind, he declares his ideal woman should possess a strong mind, with sweetness of manner (58). Consequently, he praises Louisa for her character of decision and firmness and tells her that if she values Henriettas conduct of happiness she should infuse as much of [her] own spirit into her, as [she] can (81). In Wentworths opinion, firmness equals happiness: It is the worst evil of too yielding and indecisive a character, that no influence over it can be depended on.-You are never sure of a good impression being durable. Every body may sway it; let those who would be happy be firm (81). Yet, Louisas firmness is merely willful behavior and eventually it turns out to be her weakness and downfall. After Louisas accident on the Cobb at Lyme, Anne wonders whether it ever occurred to [Captain Wentworth] now, to question the justness of his own previous opinion as to the universal felicity and advantage of firmness of character; and whether it might not strike him, that, like all other qualities of the mind, it should have its proportions and limits. She thought it could scarcely escape him to feel, that a persuadable temper [like hers] might sometimes be as much in favor of happiness, as a very resolute character. (108)Indeed, this incident has taught Captain Wentworth to distinguish between the steadiness of principle and the obstinacy of self-will, between darings of heedlessness and the resolution of a collected mind and only now d oes he understand the perfect excellence of the mind with which Louisas could so ill bear a comparison (227). Annes reserve has not made her a fickle character, but she is a level-headed young woman who knows and illustrates the value of reticence. Wentworth, finally, recognizes this quality of character in Anne, that too good, too excellent creature, and he realizes she is the woman he has been looking for all along (223).Annes perfect sense of decorum restrains her from sharing her true feelings directly with Captain Wentworth. In her work, Austen puts great emphasis on the constraint of feeling and emotion. This may be, some critics claim, because Austens spinsterhood deprived her of the chance to experience such a situation herself, and she therefore avoids emotionally charged scenes in her novels. But, whether or not that is the reason, Austen did live in a society that, like her, was dedicated to decorum; a society that imposed reserve on its women. In her account of strategie s of reticence in Jane Austens work, Janis P. Stout explains that Austen uses reserve as a touchstone of positive valuation, and she continues by pointing out a striking turn towards values of openness and demonstrativeness, even spontaneity, on all sorts of social interaction in Persuasion, but [e]ven so, the two characters who are the hallmark of both merit and emotional honesty in a world of dissolving values speak, as they act, with a considerable, and a considered, reserve (33-4). Once again, Annes disposition is made to look superior in contrast to that of the other characters in the novel (with the exception of Wentworth). During her silent ponderings, Anne reflects on her love for Captain Wentworth, but she knows she will never be able to express these feelings towards him. Then, her confident conversation with Captain Harville, which is overheard by Wentworth, provides her with an unexpected opportunity. Through her carefully chosen words, without violating the decorum, she manages to convey her emotions to Wentworth: All the privilege I claim for my own sex (it is not a very enviable one, you need not covet it) is that of loving the longest, when existence or when hope is gone (221). It is in that same conversation that Anne is able to attribute her silence to the standards of decorum which resulted in circumstances (perhaps those very cases which strike us the most)such as cannot be brought forward without betraying a confidence, or in some respect saying what should not be said (220). Wentworth hears and understands her statement and can listen no longer in silence, and so it is broken (222). Annes life in silence is over, as Captain Wentworth declares he can distinguish the tones of that voice, when they would be lost on others (222-3). Not only does he distinguish the tones of that voice, but also the undertones. Stout convincingly argues that [i]t was Austen who managed to transform the discreet feminine silence prescribed by a system of social decorum into not only a thing of art but also a persuasive rhetoric, and Anne Elliot is the perfect example of this art (ix).Anne Elliot is Austens sublime model of female excellence. Her reticence sets her apart from the vain and narcissistic aristocracy; it gives her a steady and sensible character; and it shows her dedication to social values. Reserve is a recurring theme in all of Austens novels. It is an expression of decorum, values and good sense, and it is never a sign of weakness. One look at the Austen canon reveals that [i]n Austens world, the big talker is almost always a fool or a villain, or both, and silence is mostly portrayed as a virtue (Stout 27). Like Anne Elliot, Fanny Price and Elinor Dashwood are also provided with a reserved character as a contrast to other characters, but neither of them has reached the same level as perfection as Anne has. In a letter to her niece, Fanny Knight, Austen herself declares about Anne; she is almost too good for me, and one has to agree with Mr. Elliot who observes Anne Elliot to be a most extraordinary young woman; in her temper, manners, mind, a model of female excellence (149).Works CitedAusten, Jane. Letters to Fanny Knight 1814-1816. The Republic of Pemberley. Letters of Jane Austen-Brabourne Edition: Letters to Her Niece Fanny Knight 1814-1816. 14 Apr. 2006 .. Persuasion. Ed. Gillian Beer. London: Penguin, 2003.Beer, Gillian. Introduction. Persuasion. By Jane Austen. London: Penguin, 2003. xi-xxxiv.Cantor, Paul A. A Class Act: Persuasion and the Lingering Death of the Aristocracy. Philosophy and Literature 23.1 (1999). 14 Apr. 2006 .Moon, E.B. A Model of Female Excellence: Anne Elliot, Persuasion, and the Vindication of a Richardsonian Ideal of the Female Character. AUMLA: Journal of the Australasian Universities Language and Literature Association: A Journal of Literary 67 (1987): 25-42.Stout, Janis P. Strategies of Reticence: Strategies and Meaning in the Works of Jane Austen, Willa Cather, Katheri ne Anne Porter, and Joan Didion. Charlottesville: UP of Virginia, 1990.

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Assimilation and Nationalism Free Essay Example, 13250 words

The Berbers in North Africa has been suffering linguistic imperialism through the systematic control of their language both by the West and by the Arab majority through the process of Arabisation. But what distinguishes imperialism to other kinds of subordination in all forms of the language is that there is a greater attempt to appropriate the psyche and the cultural practices of the colonized. Africa has become a place of rapid colonization since the scramble for Africa by various imperial countries due to vast economic promises and little resistance from multi-ethnic and linguistic communities. As the spirit of nationalism was more relaxed, it helped the French to divide and rule or for the British Company at first to indirectly rule the masses through their tribal leaders in most cases. Post independent Africa drew these instances of multi-ethnic separations of the African people that had given rise to colonization in Africa in the first place. This, till today, remains a big i ssue for political leaders to enhance African nationalism and not give much importance to ethnic claims to their independent heritage. Thus sometimes multiple ethnicity and nationalism seem opposing forces that have become another serious issue in the context of the Berbers. We will write a custom essay sample on Assimilation and Nationalism or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now North Africa comprises the countries of Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, and Western Sahara. Close relations in culture and linguistics also make Eritrea and Ethiopia a part of North Africa. North Africa is generally included in common definitions with the Middle East due to similarities in religion and culture. My object of study is the Berbers of Northwest Africa. While Northeast Africa had been home to the Egyptians, Ethiopians and the Nubians, they were in constant contact with the Berbers. The Muslim-Arab conquest of the 7th century spread Arab culture and language, though the Berber and the Arabic languages are distantly related, both being members of the Afro-Asiatic family.

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Argument Paper Platos Apology - 1351 Words

ARGUMENT PAPER I APOLOGY: DEFENSE OF SOCRATES PLATO 40C-41C PHILOSOPHY 2010 20 SEPTEMBER 2011 WALTER A. JENKINS JR Plato once said, â€Å"No one knows whether death, which People fear to be the greatest evil, may not be the greatest good.† Throughout the history of mankind, man has been fascinated with the mystery surrounding death. For many it is a phenomenon which is feared and for others it is a salvation from the misery and suffering of everyday life. In Plato’s â€Å"Apology†, Socrates has been sentenced to death and he claims that what â€Å"has befallen me is a blessing.† After the conclusion of his trial, he explains that there are two possible outcomes to death. Either death is a final end to one’s existence, or one dies†¦show more content†¦He says that if there is no life after death then you will simply cease to exist and then death would be the soundest sleep you could experience. You would no longer be aware of the pain and misery of life and eternity would seem to be one night of interrupted sound sleep. However, if you die and there is no after life, you will not be able to help friends and family in need. Socrates would not be able to continue to teach his children the ways of life and he would no longer be able to guide the youth of Athens in becoming â€Å"good fellow citizens.† At the end of the trial Socrates even asks the jury to watch after his family after he is gone to ensure his sons are raised properly. And then he states to the jury that â€Å"it is time for me to die, and for you to live- though which of us has the better destiny is unclear to everyone, save only to God.† So with this statement, Socrates seems to contradict himself and admits that nobody really knows whether it is better to be alive than dead. This statement also clearly identifies the fact that he believes in a supreme being so there is no way he could believe that there is no life after death. He in fact several times speaks about how his obedience to his God is of the utmost importance. Essentially this whole argument about death with no after life being a favorable outcome is completely preposterous. He would be abandoning his family, friends and his principles further contradictingShow MoreRelatedEssay on Socrates Fight for Justice1101 Words   |  5 PagesIn Plato’s works Apology and Crito there is an attempt by Socrates to defend himself in court and defend his choice to receive the death penalty when found guilty. Althoug h he makes very valid and strong arguments throughout one can only wonder why such a wise person would choose death over life. The following essay will analyze three quotes from Apology and Crito, find the correlation between them, and reveal any flaws that may exsist inside these arguments made by Socrates. In Plato’s Apology SocratesRead MoreUnderstanding Philosophy and Its Benefits1194 Words   |  5 PagesUnderstanding Philosophy and its Benefits By: Anonymous Understanding Philosophy and its Benefits 1 Many of Plato’s dialogues such as the Euthyphro, Apology, Crito and Phaedo are based upon the same reoccurring theme, the defense of the study of philosophy. Plato’s dialogues notable for their depth in a relatively narrow framework, attempt to argue the benefits of philosophical reasoning through essence, knowledge and truth. To understand the benefits of philosophy one must pose the questionRead MoreBiography of Socrates, An Annotated Bibliography1581 Words   |  6 PagesDylan, the senior lecturer of the Department of Philosophy at University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg and author of several articles provides the argument that a satisfactory interpretation of human wisdom can be given in terms of â€Å"philosophia†.He confirms his analysis by its resolution of some enduring difficulties in the interpretation of Apology and also by providing the answer as to why Socrates continued to search for knowledge which he thought was impossible to attain. He tries to explainRead MoreAnalysis Of Plato s The Ring Of Gyges 1510 Words   |  7 PagesSocrates in Plato s Republic, through 449a. Then consider whether Plato s Socrates in The Apology would answer in a way that was any different, in substance or in tone. Your own opinion is worth a page of so, but focus on the argument of Plato s Socrat es. When Glaucon attempts to argue that no difference exists between the just and unjust man, he tells the tale of the Ring of Gyges. In this paper, I will analyze the implications possessing a magic ring like the Ring of Gyges and will outlineRead MoreAnnotated Bibliography Of George Boos1818 Words   |  8 Pagesthe very fount of Socrates, yet he made them one from all and as if a body of his own begetting† (445). Blyth, Dougal. â€Å"Socrates Trial and Conviction of the Jurors in Platos â€Å"Apology. ‘Philosophy Rhetoric, no. 1, 2000, p. 1.  Accessed 1 Nov. 2017. Dougal Blyth’s article provide arguments of Plato’s own aims in writing the Apology that presents the judicial proceedings that led to Socrates’s execution. The author suggests that Socrates’ execution in having the opposite significance to the superficialRead MorePlato1819 Words   |  8 PagesSupposed Contradiction in Plato’s Apology and Crito Ben Blanks, Lynchburg College (Editor’s note: This essay by Ben Blanks is the winner of the North Award for the best paper in the 2012 Agora. Ben presented an earlier version of this paper at the ACTC Student Conference at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, in March, 2011.) When reading the Apology and the Crito of Plato, one inevitably comes upon a seeming fundamental contradiction between the two dialogues. The Apology presents readers withRead MorePlato s Euthyphro And Apology893 Words   |  4 Pagesquestion, analyze and evaluate everything but do not always end with concrete conclusions. Plato’s Euthyphro and Apology, to no surprise, highlight one of such debate: the human characteristics of wisdom. Though Plato was one of the earliest philosophers, the topic of wisdom is still debated by modern philosophers today, contemplating questions such as â€Å"What are the classifications of ‘wisdom’?† According to Plato’s two dialogues, the characteristics of wisdom have a strong correlation with the characteristicsRead MoreThe Trial and Death of Socrates Essay1639 Words   |  7 Pagescontribute to the tragedy in the trail and death of Socrates. Although, the trial and death of Socrates has many components that are th ought provoking and important to the tale of Socrates, it is the apology that is my own favorite in capturing Plato’s true character and therefore the impending paper is mainly evaluating the events and occurrences of that particular section of the trial and death of Socrates. Having read and analyzed â€Å"the trial and death’ of Socrates, it is apparent that SocratesRead MoreApology and Phaedo, by Socrates833 Words   |  3 PagesRiya Roy HON 105 Will McNeil 04/15/14 Paper One Contemplating Death Both philosophers and non-philosophers stand on a level of equality with respect to death. There are no experts on death, for there is nothing to know about it. Even those who study the death process have no edge on the rest of us. We are all equals in thinking about death, and we all begin and end thinking about it from a position of ignorance. One trouble with discussing this topic is the instinctive fear of death. We tend toRead MoreDeath And Death Of Socrates903 Words   |  4 PagesAfter reading Plato’s Five Dialogues and studying the trial, the imprisonment and death of Socrates I was left with many wandering thoughts about death. What stood out to me about the trial of Socrates was his will to never give up on what he believed and Socrate’s lack of remorse (borderline humor) towards the jury or any Athenians who thought otherwise. What stood out to me even more was that he had no fear of death. In this paper I will argue that death is the ultimate study of phil osophy and

Hotel & Hospitality Management Marriot Groups

Question: Discuss about theHotel Hospitality Management for Marriot Groups. Answer: Introduction: A target market consists of a group of consumers for whom a particular product with some specific features would hold more value. Every company analyses its target market thereby facilitating their growth in the market. The present report represents, the strategy behind the targeted markets of the Starwood- Marriott alliance Groups of Company. In this study the rewards program that were taken up by the Marriot Groups thereby analysing their impacts. The determination regarding who won, who lost and what would be in the future of the rewards programs impact that are conducted by the Marriot Groups have been discussed in this paper. A comprehensive review has been provided on the Marriot Worldwide Rewards Company that has been launched by the Marriot Groups in September 2016. Starwood- Marriott Alliance Rewards Campaign and its Impact: This American based multinational Company; The Marriot International Inc. is an intensively diversified hospitality company. This is a large group of industry which was founded in the year 1927 and has its headquarters at Bethesda, Maryland. A wide portfolio of hotels and other facilities that are related to lodging are managed and franchised by this Company. The company has its property in about 110 countries worldwide and the property of the company is even more than 5700 that includes about 1.2 millions rooms approximately (Thomas, 2015) The company of Marriot International Inc. and the company of Starwood Hotels Resorts Worldwide unanimously have approved on a decision of merger agreement. This combination would create the largest hotel company in the hospitality industry of the world. In this transaction of the companies, the leading international footprints and leading lifestyle brands are combined with the luxury and select- service tiers of Marriot (Marriott News Center. 2016). The company as an individual were a separate entity with a large portfolio and when combined the operation level of both the companies would franchise even more than 5500 hotel worldwide that would provide for even more than 1.1 million of rooms. The revenue for the both combined companies was more than $2.7 billion for the year ended 2015 (Gustavo, 2013). Figure 1: A handy diagram made regarding the takeover (Source: Gustavo, 2013) Understanding the Target Market of the Marriot Groups: Marriott International wants to provide its customers with better services along with maintaining the loyalty of the customers. With a view point of customers loyalty, the Marriott Company introduces different rewards campaign for its customers. Amongst the entire award winning loyalty programs of the Marriott international is the worldwide rewards campaign that the company launched in the year 2016, September. The company launched its new marketing campaign that was designed to raise the level of awareness of many of the brands of the company specially targeting the younger travelling group of the society. This campaign for the company was designed by Grey New York and it featured a TV Spot of 30 sec that would debut during the football game broadcast of the New York Jets-Buffalo Bills. This ad has been specially designed with the events for the loyalty program members and has the tagline of You are here. The companys this rewards campaign of the company is different from its other campaigns. In this campaign the company focuses on connecting the customers with the brand name emotionally however, in the previous campaign it just was shown how the loyalty program worked (Cantallops Salvi, 2014). Achieving the Target Market of the Marriot Groups: Apart from the television ad there are also some other aspects of this campaign that includes of the digital magazine of the company where the travellers share their stories, usage of the social media such as the Facebook, Instagram and many other. The number as in compared with the previous the loyalty program member of the company increased around 13.1 percentages this year (Yoo Bai, 2013). This is assumed to have taken place due to the rewards programs that the Marriott has taken up in the September. In the same year Marriot experienced even more number of increasing members for the rewards program. Due to this merge of the Starwood and the Marriot and the rewards program that the company has undertaken, the presence of the company in the lucrative regions such as Asia, Africa and others would be doubled up. The valuation points of Marriot are around $8.92 per 1000 points. This is still the highest level of concentration of the affordable hotels brands in the portfolio of Marriot. This implies that the members of the company only need to spend just an average of around $2000 for getting a free night at Marriot. Whereas, in comparison to the Starwood, it implies that the Starwood members need to spend roughly an average of around $7000 (Yoo Bai, 2013). This states that the Marriot Company offers services to its members at comparatively lower amount and therefore, this a strategy through which the company is achieving its targeted markets by having more concentration in its hotels. However, the merging of the two best companies of their field would result in the increase in the membership size of the merged companies of the Starwood and the Marriott. This merging would also result in more booking from the targeted markets and the achieving of more profits as this would then steal the shar e of bookings that are done by the outsider third party (Yoo Bai, 2013). Conclusion: The above study is based on the merging of the Starwood and the Marriot Company and the rewards programs that have been undertaken for it by the two companies. The rewards program of the company and the Marriot worldwide Worldwide Rewards campaign that was held by the Marriot Company in order to encourage its loyalty members have been discussed in this research study. The targeted market groups of the Marriot Company have been discussed and how the Company achieves its targeted market has also been mentioned. The targeted groups of the company is identified and specified. The strategies that have been taken up by the Marriott Company for achieving the attention and the value from its targeted markets have also been mentioned. References: Cantallops, A. S., Salvi, F. (2014). New consumer behavior: A review of research on eWOM and hotels.International Journal of Hospitality Management,36, 41-51. DOI No. : 10.1016/j.ijhm.2013.08.007 Gustavo, N. (2013). Marketing management trends in tourism and hospitality industry: Facing the 21st century environment.International Journal of Marketing Studies,5(3), 13. DOI No. : 10.5539/ijms.v5n3p13 Marriott News Center. (2016). Marriott Rewards Launches Global Portfolio Marketing Initiative to Showcase Diverse Hotel Brands and Member Benefits - Marriott News Center. [online] Available at: [Accessed 28 Nov. 2016]. Thomas, L. Y. (2015, January). The International Council of Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education (ICHRIE), San Diego, California, July 30August 1, 2014. InJournal of Convention Event Tourism(Vol. 16, No. 1, pp. 11-15). Routledge. DOI No. : 10.1080/15470148.2015.1000751 Yoo, M., Bai, B. (2013). Customer loyalty marketing research: A comparative approach between hospitality and business journals.International Journal of Hospitality Management,33, 166-177. DOI No. : 10.1016/j.ijhm.2012.07.009

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The Grapes Of Wrath Essays (1793 words) - Dust Bowl, U.S. Route 66

The Grapes Of Wrath David Rosen English 3H, Period 2 Mrs. Carmody September 26, 2000 The Inter-Chapters and Symbolism in The Grapes of Wrath Authors often use many different writing styles and techniques when creating their novels. They use these certain methods in order to make their stories more descriptive and easier to understand. John Steinbeck uses many literary techniques in The Grapes of Wrath to help the reader better understand the story. For instance, by writing the inter-chapters, Steinbeck often foreshadows the regular chapters and the events that will occur in them. Another literary tool used very well by Steinbeck is his use of symbolism throughout the entire novel. He is able to produce a great deal of symbols which can provide for a clearer understanding of the novel through things such as animals, machines, and nature. In The Grapes of Wrath, many different literary techniques are used to further describe and bring to life the novel, but the two that Steinbeck uses the most are the inter-chapters and symbolism. The inter-chapters are a purely unique creation by John Steinbeck. Because of the extent of description that he writes with, these chapters fit very well into the novel. Clearly, the authors goal is to have the reader picture the harsh situations that the Joads and other families have to go through. By thoroughly describing each setting, this creates a more vivid image for the reader. Also, these inter-chapters contain a more of a general picture as to what is going on during the time period of the Joads journey. While the regular chapters are written to tell the specific story of the Joad family and document their journey to California, the inter-chapters, usually, correspond with the story line of the novel. The inter-chapters, eventually, become very intriguing as the story progresses. After awhile, as the story progresses, the two different types of chapters gives the story a rhythmical pattern. The inter-chapters are a key part in The Grapes of Wrath because they provide indirec t comments and show general situations which foreshadow the personal tragedies of the main characters. These comments and situations help give the reader an understanding of what the characters are facing through their journey by either showing metaphorically their triumphs and struggles or explaining the history of the period that they are living in. Chapter three is an inter-chapter. In this chapter, Steinbeck describes a concrete highway (p. 20) that a land turtle struggles to cross. The turtle has almost reached his destination when a truck hits it. This chips its shell, and it is thrown on its back. The turtle then has to struggle with all of its might to turn back over. Eventually the turtle flips back over and continues on its journey. This chapter represents the continuous struggles and obstacles that the Joads would have to cope with throughout the entire story. Throughout the novel the Joads meet many hardships. They are forced to leave their home, lose family members such as the grandparents and Noah, work for low wages, and suffer from hunger, floods, and cruel prejudices in California. Like the turtle, the Joads refuse to give up and continue on with their journey. Chapter five is another inter-chapter that discusses the tractors that would come to the land and plow through it. It destroys everything in its path. This chapter is an abstract conflict between the tenant farmer and the banks. The banks want to take over the land to make more money, but it is very difficult for the farmers to leave because the land has been settled by their grandfathers. One tenant farmers is so upset that he threatens to shoot the driver by saying (hed) be in the window with a rifle (p. 51). Another chapter describes a tenant farmer that has to leave and is cheated into paying too much for a car. Chapter nine describes the generalized families who must sell their sentimental goods at absurdly low prices. These chapters represent the situations which the Joads encount er very soon. The Joads must leave their land and sell all of their things. Later in the novel, Grandpa threatens to kill the tractor driver who was plowing their land just like the tenant farmer who

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Free Essays on My Papas Waltz And Do Not Go Genle Into That Good Night

Formal Outline- Critical Analysis of Poetry I. Introduction a. Poetry conveys special messages b. Discuss the speaker and tone c. THESIS STATEMENT: The poems, â€Å"My Papa’s Waltz,† by Theodore Roethke, and â€Å"Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night,† by Dylan Thomas, are both spoken by or refer to a male figure; nevertheless, they differ in the style of the speaker’s voice and usage of various images and symbols, which convey the theme of each poem. II. Body Paragraph- Introducing the voice in each poem a. â€Å"My Papa’s Waltz† i. Why does the author choose this speaker? ii. Discuss the voice; tie the voice to the theme. b. â€Å"Do Not Go Gentle into That Night† i. Why the author does choose this speaker? ii. Discuss the voice; tie the voice to the theme. III. Body Paragraph- Discuss images and symbols a. â€Å"My Papa’s Waltz† i. Usage of images and symbols ii. How are they appropriate to the theme and speaker? b. â€Å"Do Not Go Gentle into That Night† i. Usage of images and symbols ii. How are they appropriate to the theme and speaker? IV. Conclusion a. Restate the introduction b. Discuss each poem, while reiterating main points Critical Analysis of Poetry Poetry conveys special messages, but without understanding the voice of the speaker and the tone of the poem, it would be difficult to comprehend the poem to its entirety. The speaker narrates the reader through the poetry, but the tone of the speaker â€Å"describes the shaping of attitudes in poetry (Roberts 809).† The poems, â€Å"My Papa’s Waltz,† by Theodore Roethke, and â€Å"Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night,† by Dylan Thomas, are both spoken by or refer to a male figure; nevertheless, they differ in the style of the speaker’s voice and usage of various images and symbols, which convey the theme of each poem. Although each poem refers to men as a subject, they both have a distinct voice. â€Å"My... Free Essays on My Papa's Waltz And Do Not Go Genle Into That Good Night Free Essays on My Papa's Waltz And Do Not Go Genle Into That Good Night Formal Outline- Critical Analysis of Poetry I. Introduction a. Poetry conveys special messages b. Discuss the speaker and tone c. THESIS STATEMENT: The poems, â€Å"My Papa’s Waltz,† by Theodore Roethke, and â€Å"Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night,† by Dylan Thomas, are both spoken by or refer to a male figure; nevertheless, they differ in the style of the speaker’s voice and usage of various images and symbols, which convey the theme of each poem. II. Body Paragraph- Introducing the voice in each poem a. â€Å"My Papa’s Waltz† i. Why does the author choose this speaker? ii. Discuss the voice; tie the voice to the theme. b. â€Å"Do Not Go Gentle into That Night† i. Why the author does choose this speaker? ii. Discuss the voice; tie the voice to the theme. III. Body Paragraph- Discuss images and symbols a. â€Å"My Papa’s Waltz† i. Usage of images and symbols ii. How are they appropriate to the theme and speaker? b. â€Å"Do Not Go Gentle into That Night† i. Usage of images and symbols ii. How are they appropriate to the theme and speaker? IV. Conclusion a. Restate the introduction b. Discuss each poem, while reiterating main points Critical Analysis of Poetry Poetry conveys special messages, but without understanding the voice of the speaker and the tone of the poem, it would be difficult to comprehend the poem to its entirety. The speaker narrates the reader through the poetry, but the tone of the speaker â€Å"describes the shaping of attitudes in poetry (Roberts 809).† The poems, â€Å"My Papa’s Waltz,† by Theodore Roethke, and â€Å"Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night,† by Dylan Thomas, are both spoken by or refer to a male figure; nevertheless, they differ in the style of the speaker’s voice and usage of various images and symbols, which convey the theme of each poem. Although each poem refers to men as a subject, they both have a distinct voice. â€Å"My...

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African American Of The United States Essay -- African American, America

Some schools don’t accept black children and white child often bullied black children, so black children can’t get a equal treatment in school. In Unite States, some jobs not allow the black and only white, so black don’t have enough opportunities to work, and black often unemployment. Black often live a messy place, because white don’t want to rent the house to black ect. Review of American history, the United States since 1870, by the 15th amendment ( black won the right to vote ), up to now the black enter the presidential race for the first time and got elected and re-elected. ( democratic candidate black Obama became the first black President of the United States ), So American Negro suffrage cyclone have lit the African-American people unprecedented political enthusiasm. As we all know, the United States is an immigrant country, once was regarded as is the world 's ethnic melting pot. In nearly 30 years since the U.S. immigration policy unceasing change, the immigrant population has increased dramatically. The whites accounted for 72% of the U.S. population, blacks (13%), Hispanics (11%), Asia and the Pacific African people accounted for 4%. Changes in population structure, it is bound to the political, economic, and social and cultural impact, the impact in the new century, especially the new immigrants and the United States is traditionally the differences such as language, culture and the complexion that analysts have thinking: the United States will continue to be national melting pot? Or will become a "mosaic"? Although for this issue... ... middle of paper ... ... the university of Denver. In January 1989, has just turned 34, rice served as special assistant to President George w. bush 's national security affairs, started a career. As Russia expert in the bush administration, the rice was the top black women in the United States government. The presidential election in 2000, Condoleezza rice, as the republican candidate for President George w. bush 's chief foreign policy adviser, to advise the bush. Bush was elected President appointed rice President for national security affairs assistant. She has always been the President 's right-hand man. In January 2005, served as secretary of state, she is following the Clinton administration 's Madeleine Albright second female secretary of state in American history. The focus now is black senator Obama 's glorious struggle. In 1996, was elected Illinois senator, Obama and three-term.