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Firefighting and Role Model

Ryan Derdak English 1A Cataldo M, W, F Career Essay Firefighting is a career that can make someone feel proud and accomplished. Being a firefighter requires physical fitness, experience, preparation, and the ability to deal with the job emotionally as well as physically. It’s also a career that is very well respected in society. I choose to be a firefighter, because I want to be able to help others, have benefits for my family, and be a role model for someone to look up to. To me, being a firefighter would be a dream come true.This career would give me the chance to be looked at, as one of America’s heroes. There is no better feeling then having the ability to help others when they’re in need. The main reason firefighters are so respected is because their one job is to put their lives on the line to save others. After seeing how the firefighters helped everyone during 9/11, I knew that this was the career for me. The ultimate pay of being a firefighter will be se eing the smiles, joy, and sigh of relief on people’s faces when I assist them in need.There are a lot of people out there who wouldn’t risk their lives for others, which is why only a select few can fulfill the requirements of this job. Having a job that has great benefits for my family and me is always a concern. Luckily the benefits of putting my life on the line do pay off. Becoming a firefighter has the potential for me to make up to $150,000 a year. Along with the great salary, it offers a great pension, lifelong medical coverage, growth opportunities, flexible work schedule, and up to four weeks paid vacation.More importantly then the finances, is having a flexible work schedule that can let me spend time with my family as well. Getting the chance to spend time with the family is the most important benefit because there’s no guarantee that I’m going to return home from the job safe and sound. In life everyone needs a role model to look up to. An inf luential role model in someone’s life can help determine what type of person someone they’re going to be when they get older.Firefighters are one of the best role models for kids to look up to, because firefighters are considered a hero in American society. There’s a reason why kids get excited when they see a fire truck, or why they go up to firefighters and ask for stickers. If I can influence at least one person by being a firefighter, I’ll know that I did something right in life. Becoming a firefighter isn’t just any job; it’s a job that I have a lot of respect for.Unfortunately the path to becoming a firefighter won’t be an easy task because it requires physical fitness, preparation, experience, and the ability to deal with the job emotionally. It would also allow me to help others, provide benefits for my family, and give me the chance be an influential role model for someone to look up to. Getting the chance to do this type of job and enjoy every moment is something that everyone should be allowed to experience in life. This is also a career that can better me as a whole. The day that I become a firefighter is the day I start a new adventure in my life.

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Review Of Nebulization And Respiration Health And Social Care Essay

Relevant literatures refer to those that are of import in supplying the in-depth cognition needed to do alterations in pattern or to analyze a selected job. The related literatures for this survey are divided into the undermentioned classs. 2.1 Incidence, prevalence, causes and hazard factors of respiratory diseases. 2.2 Effectiveness of nebulization in kids with respiratory conditions. 2.3 Effectiveness of nebulization with O in kids with respiratory diseases.2.1 Incidence, Prevalence, Causes and Risk factors of Respiratory Diseases in Children:Every twelvemonth ARI ( including both upper and lower ) histories for an estimated 3.9 million deceases worldwide. It is estimated that India, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Nepal together account for 40 % of the planetary mortality load. On an norm, kids below 5 old ages of age suffer about 5 episodes of ARI per kid every twelvemonth, which accounts about 238 million onslaughts. ARI is responsible for about 30-50 % of outpatient visits to wellness attention installations and about 20-40 % of paediatric admittances to infirmary. It is besides a taking cause of hearing loss as a sequele of ague otitis media ( Vashishth, 2010 ) . Acute respiratory infections continue to remain among the chief causes of child mortality. Even in the general population, they are the taking cause of acute morbidities globally. Estimates suggest that the incidence denseness of ARI among under five kids in developing and developed states is 0.29 which histories for 151 million and 5 million new episodes each twelvemonth. India with 43 million bear the maximum brunt of respiratory diseases in the development states ( Sanjay Chaturvedi,2010 ) . A transverse sectional community based survey was conducted to find the prevalence of and the socio demographic factors that contribute bronchial asthma among kids aged 6-15 old ages in Mangalore ; India. Using random sampling technique, 559 kids were selected as samples. The prevalence of bronchial asthma was found to be 10.3 % with a higher prevalence in male childs ( 12.1 % ) .A important reverse additive tendency with increasing age, and a positive association with household history of asthma were besides observed in the survey ( Jain.A, Bhat.V, 2010 ) . A prospective cohort survey was conducted in Cochin, India to find whether anaemia is a hazard factor for childhood asthma. Two hundred kids between the age group of 2-18 old ages, with both anaemia and upper and lower respiratory tract infections were enrolled in the survey as samples. Hundred kids with anaemia were taken as the survey group and another 100 without anaemia were taken as control group. All the kids were subjected to probes like CBC appraisal, CRP appraisal, Mantoux trial and chest X ray. Pneumonic map trial was performed on kids above six old ages of age who showed the grounds of asthma. Peripheral vilification, serum ferritin and serum Fe adhering capacity were estimated for all anaemic kids. The survey found anaemia is a hazard factor for childhood asthma and anaemic kids were 5.75 times more susceptible to wheezing onslaughts when compared to kids without anaemia ( Ramakrishnan.K,2010 ) . An extended study was conducted in India to find the clip tendencies and overall prevalence of bronchial asthma in kids. The survey consequences showed that the variables like differences in samples, primary result variables, incompatibility in age class, rural-urban fluctuation, standards for positive diagnosing, and survey instruments confounded the result variables. The average prevalence was 4.75 % . Overall average prevalence was found to be 2.74. Childhood asthma among kids between the age group of 13 – 14 old ages was lower than that in the younger kids between 6 – 7 old ages of age. The prevalence was more in urban dwellers and in male kids. A broad inter-regional fluctuation in prevalence was besides observed by the research worker. The survey findings indicated that the load of bronchial asthma in Indian kids was higher than that was antecedently understood ( Ranabir Pal, 2009 ) . An extended study was conducted in Italy with the purpose of look intoing the effects of cars on asthma symptoms and to analyze the cogency of ego reported traffic exposure.33, 632 kids of age 6-7 old ages and striplings were enrolled in the survey. Data was collected by administering standardised questionnaire to the parents and besides by self coverage of exposure by kids. External and internal proof methods were used to measure the possible response prejudice of ego reported traffic exposure. The consequences showed that the kids populating in intense traffic countries are at increased hazard of respiratory diseases. As the features of the population were specific, the consequences of proof of ego reported traffic exposure were non generalized. ( Migliore.E,,2009 ) . A descriptive survey was conducted to happen the association between cooking fuels and the hazard of respiratory disease in preschool kids in Lucknow, India. Mothers of 650 kids from 28 urban hapless vicinities were selected by utilizing random sampling technique. Respiratory disease was assessed by detecting the marks and symptoms. Exposures included the types of cookery fuels and continuance of their usage in the old hebdomad and other possible forecasters of respiratory disease. The point prevalence of respiratory disease was 14.5 % . Majority ( 56.0 % ) , of the households used wood as the cookery fuel. Other fuels used included kerosine ( 24.2 % ) , coal ( 19.2 % ) , LPG ( 15.4 % ) , and droppings bars ( 8.6 % ) . Use of droppings bars, as a cookery fuel was associated with respiratory diseases in the community. Other variables like age, weight, sex, household income, and family construction were non associated with disease. Use of droppings bars as cooking fuel and overcrowding increased the hazard of respiratory diseases ( Shally Aswathi,, 2007 ) . A descriptive survey was conducted in Tanzania to find the effects of biomass fuels, wood coal and kerosine on ARI in kids under five old ages of age. Approximately 85 % and 15 % of kids were from biomass fuels and wood coal or kerosine utilizing places severally. Average ARI prevalence was 11 % . The prevalence of ARI across assorted fuel types used in cooking did non vary much from the national prevalence. The findings suggested that to accomplish meaningful decrease of ARI prevalence, it is necessary to hold a displacement from the usage of biomass fuel, charcoal/kerosene for cooking to clean fuels such as gas and electricity ( Kilabuko, 2007 ) . A descriptive survey was conducted to measure the load of respiratory upsets in rural India. The survey showed that poorness and unhealthy environment were strongly related to respiratory upsets. Bronchitis and asthma were the taking cause of respiratory diseases ; pneumonia and pneumonic TB ranked one of the five causes of deceases in rural India. Asthma and bronchitis prevalence rates in Karnataka, Gujarat, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh were above national norm. Prevalence of pneumonic TB was high in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Gujarat whereas Tamilnadu and Maharashtra recorded lowest prevalence. Though national broad wellness programs have succeeded in cut downing human death of respiratory diseases to a certain extent ; there is a great demand for improved and effectual area-specific wellness plans and societal and economic development in rural countries to accomplish the coveted wellness ends ( Ramanakumar.V,, 2005 ) . A prospective community based survey was conducted in Greenland to place the hazard factors of acute respiratory infections in kids. Open cohorts of 288 kids between the age group of 0-2 old ages were included in the survey. All the kids were monitored hebdomadally for episodes of upper and lower respiratory tract infections. Analysis of hazard factors was carried out utilizing a multivariate Poisson arrested development theoretical account which was adjusted for age. Attending a child-care centre and sharing sleeping room with grownups were identified as the hazard factors for upper respiratory tract infection in kids. Hazard factors for lower respiratory tract infections included male gender, go toing a child-care centre, exposure to passive smoke, and sharing a sleeping room with kids aged 0aa‚ ¬ † 5 old ages. Breastfeeding was identified to be a protective factor for lower respiratory tract infections. The population attributable hazard of lower respiratory tract in fections associated with inactive smoke and child-care centres was 47 % and 48 % , severally ( Koch.A, 2003 ) . A infirmary based instance control survey was undertaken in Delhi, India to find hazard factors associated with terrible lower respiratory tract infection in under-five kids. 512 kids including 201 instances and 311 controls were enrolled in the survey. Healthy kids go toing Pediatrics outpatient section for immunisation during study period were enrolled as controls. On stepwise logistic arrested development analysis it was found that deficiency of breastfeeding, upper respiratory infection in female parent and siblings, terrible malnutrition, cooking fuel other than liquid crude oil gas, inappropriate immunisation for age and history of lower respiratory tract infection in the household were the important subscribers of ague lower respiratory tract infection in kids under five old ages of age. Sexual activity of the kid, age of the parents, instruction of the parents, figure of kids at place, anaemia, unequal thermal consumption, type of lodging were non identified to be important h azard factors of ague lower respiratory tract infection. ( Broor.S, 2001 ) . A descriptive survey conducted in United States of America found that respiratory diseases contribute seven of the top 15 grounds for sing a doctor among kids under 15 old ages of age. The survey besides found environmental baccy smoke as a broad spread environmental pollutant that has been linked with respiratory jobs ( Gergen.P, 2001 ) .2.2 Effectiveness of Nebulization in Children with Respiratory Diseases:A descriptive survey conducted to find the issues in the direction of wheezing in under 5 kids at community degree in India showed that wheeze are likely to vanish after 2-3 rhythms of inhaled bronchodilator therapy in one tierce to half of the kids. Nebulized beta-2 adrenergic drugs ( salbutamol ) were found to be the pillar of bronchodilator therapy for the intervention of wheezing in kids. These drugs can be given to immature kids by atomizers with an affiliated mask. Delivery of bronchodilators through a nebulizer driven by an electric compressor or O is an effectual and goo d established technique. However, the demand for electricity to run the compressor, deficiency of handiness of high flow O2 cylinders and high cost of equipment bound the everyday usage of nebulization technique in most primary wellness attention scenes in developing states like India. ( Gupta.P, Shah.D, 2010 ) . A randomised clinical test was conducted in Bangladesh to find the effectivity of nebulization with a combination of salbutamol and ipratropium bromide over adrenaline nebulization in kids with acute bronchiolitis. A sample of 60 kids with age less than 2 old ages was divided into two equal groups. Group I received salbutamol and ipratropium bromide nebulization and group II received adrenaline nebulization. The intercessions were provided twice at 6 hours interval and post appraisals were done after 30 proceedingss of each nebulization. The consequences showed a important betterment in respiratory parametric quantities in both groups. However, L-adrenaline was found to be more effectual than a combination of salbutamol and ipratropium bromide nebulization. ( Kadir. M.A, 2009 ) . A descriptive survey was conducted in Hyderabad, South India to determine the form of nebulization among the medical practicians in private scene in the community. A elaborate questionnaire was sent to 1,000 practising doctors consisting of 600 general practicians, 200 paediatric specializers, 150 medical advisers and 50 thorax doctors. The analysis revealed that the common drugs used for nebulization were: Salbutamol ( 80 % ) ; Budesonide ( 65 % ) ; and a combination of Salbutamol & A ; Ipratropium ( 60 % ) . Common indicants for nebulization in the community were: Acute Severe Asthma, Acute Exacerbation of COPD, Acute Broncholitis, Acute Exacerbation of interstitial lung disease and unexplained ague respiratory hurt. Nebulization in the place scenes were largely prescribed by chest doctors ; bulk ( 95 % ) of them prefer direct nebulization without O and merely 5 % used O to drive the nebulized drug. Pediatricians and chest doctors preferred to utilize a face mask whereas general pr acticians and internists used the oral cavity piece straight, without utilizing a face mask. Trained nurses or respiratory healers were available to oversee or learn nebulization technique in less than 5 % of scenes. Sing the pattern of nebulization, bulk ( & gt ; 85 % ) used atomizers for short periods and did non wait till the chamber was to the full emptied of the solution. Merely 10 % of practicians believed in uninterrupted nebulization ( Viggs.A, 2007 ) . A randomised dual blind survey was conducted in Thailand to measure the effectivity of salbutamol- ipratropium bromide nebulization over salbutamol nebulization.74 kids aged 3 aa‚ ¬ † 15 old ages were included in the survey. Children in the control group were administered with 3 doses of nebulized salbutamol -ipratropium bromide assorted with normal saline and the intervention group received 3 doses of ipratropium an interval of 20 proceedingss. Respiratory parametric quantities were assessed at 40, 70,100 and 120 proceedingss after the intervention. The consequences showed that the per centum alteration in peak expiratory flow rate was high in intervention group without statistically important difference. The survey concluded that both salbutamol -ipratropium bromide nebulization andsalbutamol nebulization has similar consequence in bettering peak expiratory flow rate. ( Watanasomsiri.A, 2006 ) . A instance survey was done in Coimbatore sing the nursing attention of kids with lower respiratory tract infections. The findings revealed that repeated respiratory infections are common in kids and are likely to be among the most common complaints. Hyper reactive air passage disease is one of the major causative factors for lower respiratory tract infections in kids and a comprehensive nursing attention is indispensable to forestall the complications of lower respiratory tract infections in kids. ( Suganthi.S, 2005 ) . A quasi experimental survey was conducted in Haryana, India to measure the extra benefit of combined salbutamol and ipratropium bromide nebulization in acute asthma with moderate badness. Fifty wheezing kids between the age group of 6aa‚ ¬ † 14 old ages were taken and divided into two equal groups. Group I kids were nebulized with three doses of Salbutamol entirely and Group II kids were given combined nebulization of Salbutamol and Ipratropium bromide nebulization at 20 proceedingss interval. Children were observed at 15, 30, 60,120,180 and 240 proceedingss interval. The survey showed a important betterment in PEFR get downing from 30 proceedingss and enduring for the full survey period of 240 proceedingss in both the groups. ANOVA analysis showed a better consequence with 2nd group. The survey concluded that combined nebulization with Salbutamol and Ipratropium bromide was more good than Salbutamol nebulization in acute asthma of moderate badness ( Sharma. A, 2004 ) . A dual blind, randomized, placebo controlled clinical test was conducted in New York to measure the effectivity of nebulization over metered dose inhalator therapy. Convenient trying method was used to choose 168 kids aged 2 -24 months as samples. The atomizer group received a placebo metered dose inhalator with a spacer followed by Ventolin nebulization and the spacer group received Ventolin by metered dose inhalator with a spacer followed by nebulization with isosmotic saline solution. Pulmonary Index Score and oxygen impregnation were measured ab initio and 10 proceedingss after each intervention. The consequence showed that the atomizer group had a significantly high mean in initial Pulmonary Index Score compared with the spacer group and the survey concluded that nebulizer therapy is every bit effectual as metered dosage inhalators with spacer for the intervention of wheezing in kids aged 2 old ages or younger ( Delgado.A,,2003 ) .2.3 Effectiveness of Nebulization with Oxy gen in Children with Respiratory Diseases:An experimental survey was conducted with the aim of mensurating the FiO2 during O nebulization and jet driven nebulization and to compare those values observed with those steps during criterions oxygen therapy. The survey was conducted in corpse. An ET tubing was inserted into the distal tracheal appendage of a cadaverous caput and cervix specimen and was connected to a pump which simulates different respiratory forms. An electro chemical O analyser was used to mensurate FiO2 under different nebulization and O bringing conditions. The survey concluded that O bringing through rhinal device during air driven nebulization significantly increases FiO2 compared with standard O therapy ( Vincent Caille, Stephen Erbman, 2009 ) . An experimental survey was conducted in Mexico to compare the effectivity of salbutamol -ipratropium bromide nebulization with auxiliary O and salbutamol- ipratropium bromide administered in device of mensural doses with spacer chamber in handling wheezing crisis in children.45 wheezing kids between the age group of 1 to 12 old ages were included in the survey. Both groups received the proposed intervention 3 times at 20 proceedingss interval. The survey showed a important betterment in respiratory parametric quantities with salbutamol ipratropium bromide administered by devices of mensural doses with spacer chamber. The survey concluded that the disposal of salbutamol ipratropium bromide with devices of mensural doses was more effectual than its disposal via a atomizer with auxiliary O for handling kids with wheezing crisis. ( Castro.P, 2009 ) A randomised dual blind placebo controlled test was conducted in Turkey to measure the effectivity of salbutamol nebulization and ipratropium bromide nebulization in handling kids with moderate to severe bronchiolitis.70 babies admitted in the infirmary for the first clip with wheezing were included in the survey. The kids were divided into three groups having salbutamol entirely, ipratropium bromide entirely and placebo saline solution entirely via a atomizer supplemented with O at a flow rate of 6-7 litres per minute. Post appraisals were done at 30 proceedingss, 8 hours and 24 hours. The consequences showed a rapid betterment in respiratory parametric quantities in both bronchodilator groups than in the placebo group. But these drugs did non alter the natural class of the disease. ( Karaday.B, 2007 ) . A comparative prospective-retrospective cohort survey was conducted in Spain to find the effectivity of salbutamol delivered via a metered dosage inhalator with spacer and nebulization with O for handling acute asthma in children.580 kids below the age of 14 old ages were included in the study.Out of that 321 prospective cohorts were administered with salbutamol via MDI with spacer and 259 retrospective cohorts received salbutamol via an O driven nebulizer at a flow rate of 7 litres per minute. The survey showed that the figure of doses of inhaled bronchodilator needed, the admittance to the infirmary and the Numberss of kids necessitating a stay in observation unit were similar in both groups. The average length of stay in the exigency section was somewhat shorter in metered dose inhalator group. The survey concluded that the disposal of bronchodilators utilizing metered dose inhalator and nebulization have similar consequence in handling kids with acute asthma aggravation. ( Fernan dez, 2004 ) . A quasi experimental survey was conducted to measure the effectivity of nebulization with O in 21 terrible wheezing paediatric admittances over a twelvemonth period. All kids received three doses of nebulized salbutamol one time in every 20 proceedingss. Eleven of them received nebulization with O and the remainder received nebulization without O. Oxygen impregnation was measured along with clinical badness graduated tables during intervention. 3-5 % autumn in O impregnation was observed during intervention in the control group. At the terminal of intervention, the respiratory rate was somewhat higher in this group. No important autumn [ 0-1 % ] was observed in nebulization with O group. The survey concluded that hypoxemia during nebulization with air driven atomizers can easy be prevented by simple add-on of O beginning to the air recess of available atomizers ( Major. P. Singh Tomar, Lef Col A.R.Shurpali, Col.B.N.Biswal, 2004 ) . A quasi experimental survey was conducted in Thailand sing the flow rate of O for nebulizer therapy. The survey topics were stable COPD patients, in whom the hazard of hyperoxic induced hypercapnia is less than in the acute aggravation phase. The survey recommended that the COPD patients should have bronchodilator drug via the atomizer, particularly in acute aggravation phase, with O flow rate of 6 litre per minute and the medical forces must closely detect the patients for clinical marks of hypercapnia to forestall the jeopardy of C di oxide keeping ( Charoenratenakul.S. 1995 ) . In an experimental survey conducted in England, 10 patients with stable asthma were studied to see whether the flow rate used to drive a atomizer was clinically of import. Each patient received 1 milligram of salbutamol in 2 milliliter of isosmotic saline solution via a nebulizer driven by piped O at 8, 6 and 4 litres per minute on separate randomly allocated occasions. The consequence showed that the clip for nebulization was significantly longer as flow rate was reduced and there was no important difference in the response with bronchodilator intervention ( Hadfield.J.W, 1986 ) .

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Question Answer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Question Answer - Essay Example Department of State, Office of the Historian, 1997; NSC Home). As diplomacy seemed to be failing, there was an increased need to coordinate the US defense bodies which include the Marine Corps, Air force, CIA, Navy, and the United States Army. The National Security Council was created with the President being the chairperson. Members included secretaries of state of state and defense. This council was established to coordinate foreign policy and defense policy and get ready in case of eruption of a war after its inception. As outlined in the 1947 Act, the role of the NSC was to advise the president on the integration of policies that had a direct or indirect relation to national security. This council was also mandated with the function of facilitating interagency cohesion and cooperation. Policies that were proposed in relation to national security had to pass through the council for consideration. The functioning of the council was altered by various occurrences such as the Korean War. The years that followed, though under different presidents did not see much change to the functioning of the National Security Council. The turning point came after the 9/11 attack. The attacks on 9/11 came as a shock to the security docket. They realized they have been missing a lot in terms of infrastructure. Communication was paralyzed and the rescue mission almost failed. However, the US security ought to have been ready after the 1998 attacks on its embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. This led to the reconstruction of the NSC and later in 2009, President Barack Obama merged the White House Staff supporting the HSC and the NSC into the National Security Staff (NSS) though each continued to exist with their previous statutes. The reconstruction of the NSC after the 9/11 attack focused on the war against terrorism which was the new threat to national security. This was intensified with the war in Afghanistan and the control of the terrorists’

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Strategic management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words - 1

Strategic management - Essay Example Disturbance in North Africa and the Middle East had significant affect (Jones, 2012) while Uganda seized disputed license of TOC and held its 33% stake sale to heritage and CNOC (Mason, 2011c) ECONOMIC Significant source of revenue for country. Increase in tax from UK government of about ?10 billion resulted in increased concerns from oil and gas exploration companies claiming negative impact on job losses and household bills (Mason, 2011b) TECHNOLOGICAL Extensive technological expertise is required for oil and gas exploration. TOC has signed five year contract with FMC technologies for operations in Subsea services (PennEnergy Editorial Staff, 2013). SOCIAL Development of exploration plants results in social development of the country. Civil society stresses the accountability need of payment from oil and gas companies to counties and their respective utilization (Stewart, 2011). ENVIRONMENTAL Business has significant impact in the environment. Exploration in Savanna and Wetlands wa s warned for affecting natural land to elephants and lions by UNESCO (Manson, 2011a) LEGAL Governments are increasing pressures with increased tax system in lieu of depleting world oil reserves (Holmes, 2011). INDUSTRY ASSESSMENT Oil and Gas exploration industry is increasing competitive across the board. BHP Billiton, Centrica, Shell, E.ON, Bayerngas UK, Bridge Energy, ConocoPhillips, DONG Energy, Endeavour, GDF SUEZ, iGas, Perenco, Total and Tullow Oil forms around 60% of the UK oil production. Increased competitiveness is present in the industry despite of heavy capitalization which becomes a barrier to the industry. For instance, recent offer from Uruguay for the exploration received 15 bids from nine participants while four were granted rights. The offer made for 15 blocks yet accepted bids for nine only while every block had competition among more than three bidders (Webber, 2012). Owing to world’s increased need of energy the bargaining power of buyer is continuously r educing while the power of supplier is consistently rising. Renewable energy offering substitute are still not able to affect the demand of the energy. Intense competition has turned competitors to move towards strategic collaborative ventures. INTERNAL ASSESSMENT: Market Line (2012) has conducted in-depth assessment of Tullow and has identified following SWOT factors: STRENGTHS WEAKNESS Competitive advantage of leading oil and gas exploration business in Africa. Tullow has significant assets across Europe, Asia and South America in addition to Africa. The company has significant debt of around $2,854 million in 2011, which is a significant increase from $1,943 million in 2010. Hence, owing to growing competitive pressures huge debt can negatively impact Tullow’s capacity to compete. OPPORTUNITIES THREATS The acquisition that has been Tullow’s strategy to enhance its portfolio still offers great opportunities in future. Current developments in Uganda and Ghana such as development of Jubilee oil Field have potential for future development. Tullow has major capital projects underway while projects for FY2012 amounted around $ 2 billion. Capital expenditures incurred and planned offer greater opportunities for future. Big players of industry than Tullow has significantly greater strength from all perspectives such as technology, financial resources hence pose serious threats. Oil

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Managing Information Technology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 7

Managing Information Technology - Essay Example IS steering committee also makes sure that the outcomes of the IS project do not affect the company or any of its departments in the negative way. This calls for the need for the advisory board to have a deep insight into the requirements and objectives of the information system. The advisory board must be able to predict and detect the outcomes and plan how to deal with them. Thus, the main purpose is to monitor the changes that the project or its outcomes are going to inflict upon the company as a whole. The committee also works to promote fair dealing among all the departments and the stakeholders so that every one of them has a right to give invoice in the decisions. This requires right kind of leadership and strategic planning. Another role is to promote healthy communication among all the involved parties to bring positive changes to the business on a collaborative platform, such changes that should affect the stakeholders positively, which is the main purpose of the committee. References Brown, C.V., DeHayes, D.W., Hoffer, J.A., & Perkins, W.C. (2008). Managing Information Technology. USA: Pearson Prentice Hall.

Case Stady#2 Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Stady#2 - Case Study Example matter of concern, in respect with her Doctor’s advice for her to continue with working since it would help allay the spread of cancer: I would still let her retain her job, but would have to decrease the expected work load owing to her weak and now frail disposition. I would advice her students and colleagues not to put a lot of unnecessary pressure on her. 1I would also have another teacher ready on the standby-just in case the illness happens to take an unprecedented toll upon her, and which may require that she be rushed again back to the hospital. I would urge the school’s staff and the entire student community to accord her total cooperation and respectfully understand her plight. Finally the office staff must take pride in being overly kind, caring and attentive to the needs of the students, teachers and even parents (LeBlanc, 2009). 2In spite of the fact that she is currently ill but still determined with continuing with her work, technically, she still remains an employee of the school because she has found herself in a contentious position, not out of attaining retiring age or out of an act of misconduct; but rather from an unfortunate physical. Therefore a lot of consultation and research on my part must be carried out so that my final decision is informed by integrity and acceptable conduct of professional ethics. I would start with the ministry of education (U.S.) and find out what the ethics and academic duty and laws says about a scenario such as this. 2This is because: Members of a profession agree to maintain high degree of performance, to restrain self-interest, and to promote ideals of public service in the area of their responsibilities (Hamilton, 2002).Therefore it is necessary for me as the principal to strive not to be rash but rather exercise objectivity in my judgment, while not making worse the said teacher’s predicament. 3As I m, mentioned earlier in my introduction, this teacher is not just one of the best in school. She

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Rasputin and the fall of the Romanovs Term Paper

Rasputin and the fall of the Romanovs - Term Paper Example Rasputin played a very significant part in the fall of the Romanovs. Rasputin and the fall of the Romanovs Introduction Rasputin could have done better to prevent the fall of the Romanovs. The research delves on Rasputin’s role in the downfall of the Romanovs. The research delves on role of Rasputin in preventing the people’s uprising. Rasputin was instrumental in the fall of the Romanovs. Gregory Rasputin had exercised significant influence on the Russian Tsar’s family (Thompson, 1991). However, Rasputin was not the only individual who exercised a huge influence on the Russian Tsar’s family. Prior to Rasputin, there were other individuals who had exercised a similar or even greater hold on the Tsar’s family. Most Russian villages had their own share of holy fools. For hundreds of years, the Russian villages had to contend with the different holy fools of their own. During other time periods, the holy fools were sometimes naked. On other occasions, the holy fools were described as unwashed. Sometimes, the holy fools were dirty. Further, another group of holy fools used queer attires. All the holy fools had one very similar trait. The similar trait is that they literally wreaked havoc on the community’s once peaceful environment. The holy fools exercised religious influence on the affected community. As expected, the pronouncements of the holy fools triggered many controversies. Some of the holy fools espoused premarital sex. History shows that the holy fools belonged to a long line of Russian Shamans. The Shamans used many decorations to improve their physical appearances. The Shamans used metal and other accessories in order to attract attention (Thompson, 1991). As expected, the Holy fool concept creates an impression where Russian government’s leadership is excellent. The Holy fool concept espoused by Rasputin triggered the expected collapse of the Tsar government. The Holy fool concept indicated that the peop le on the outskirts of the Tsar’s Russian community. The Holy fool, Rasputin, was able to create a false impression that there are rumors A group of rebels were about to stage several attacks on the Russian Tsar’s Kingdom. The attacks would initially crop up in the Russian countryside (Thompson, 1991). As expected, the religious leaders of the Orthodox religion focused on ejecting the holy fools from Russian society. The religious leaders felt that excess efforts are needed to prevent the growing spread of the holy fools’ false teachings. Divulging the false teachings of the holy fools would benefit the Russian church leaders. The divulging would prevent the holy fools from injecting false doctrines on the unsuspecting and confused Russian public. One of the victims of the holy fools is Russian Tsar’s family (Thompson, 1991). Further, it is very clear that Rasputin, a holy fool, was instrumental in sparking the downfall of the Russian Tsar Nicholasâ€℠¢ empire (Sarah, 2010). The Tsar had intended to give his throne to his brother. The Tsar could not give the Russian empire’s throne to his son on the ground of fitness. The son’s sickly and weak physical condition could hinder a normal management of the huge Russian government. However, The Tsar’s brother refused to accept the Tsar’s juicy offer. With no one eager or able royal family member eager to receive the Russian throne, the Tsar’s time as ruler of Russia was slowly being trimmed

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Difference between Mac and PC Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Difference between Mac and PC - Essay Example PC, however, was made more for businesses outside of artistic fields, with many people favoring the word processing programs that PC has to offer (Pegoraro, 2006). The other physical aspect is the designs - Macs have only a handful of designs, each based on which model you buy, while PC has dozens of different models and customization options. The real differences can be found within the different computer models. Within a Mac, every component, wire, and chip is manufactured from the same company ("What is", 2009). Within a PC, everything comes from a different company. Less problems are had with Mac, including a substantial lack of viruses, due to the fact that everything is created and programmed by the same people. If something goes wrong with any piece, it just needs to be sent and repaired by one company. With a PC, unfortunately, while the computer can be sent back to the computers brand name company, it will still need repaired by the proper company depending on the damaged component. Due to the fact that Mac is created by one company and PC is created by many, Mac has less software to offer, as it needs to be manufactured by their name company. PC can accept just about any software, given the fact that it is more versatile. This is perhaps one of the reasons why more people do prefer a PC, with the exception of those that are using Mac solely for artistic purposes. As aforementioned, one of the perks about Mac only being capable of using Mac/Apple products is that the computer has a less chance of contracting viruses. Even when it does obtain a virus, it causes less harm than it would to a PC (Pogue, 2005). Furthermore, there are very few programs that are dual-compatible, meaning they work on both systems. These programs are few and far between, and have proven to be damaging to whichever system it is being used on, especially if it had been on the other operating system prior to its second

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Gender Difference in Adapting to New Environment Essay

Gender Difference in Adapting to New Environment - Essay Example The roles stems their roots from the environment in which an individual has been in. Learning takes a major part in establishing these roles in to the system of an individual. There are different routes through which an individual learn of their roles and rewards and punishment is one of them (Carroll 97). According to Carroll (97), children learn about appropriate behaviors from their parents. Other people who play part in gender behavior development among the children are relatives, peers, and teachers. Not forgetting the media, which happens to be the main source of behavior influence, it plays a very significant role when it comes to gender behavior development (Carroll 98). Most behavior patterns, actions, preference professions, and emotion differ with gender type (Carroll 98). Time, energy, resources, and meaning invested in relationships also differ among males and females (Daka and Martin 132). This is because of the emotional differences revealed between the males and femal es. The differences between the genders result to them using different strategies to adapt to new environments (Daka and Martin 133). Due to the dynamic nature of gender roles, adaptation strategies adopted by different genders are changing. This is an indication that we might find that the way different genders adapt to new environment will be differing significantly in future. Culture and orientation also plays a big role in molding gender behavior. Personal identity is defined by culture hence becoming a strong part of a person’s behavior. These culture and identity are greatly influenced by the media and by legends, stories, and symbols, they get established deep into somebody’s daily living (Daka and Martin 136). The event I have decided to watch is Harvard Youth & Family Swimming Championship. This event took place on 31 March at Blodgett Pool in Allston, Harvard University. It attracted 300 participants and a multitude of fans. The participants were children of different gender aged between 6 year and 13 years. The fans were Harvard students and the people living in areas around the university. The main aim of this event was to introduce city children to introductory level competition swimming. Another aim was to introduce a new perspective to swimming, being in a university and thinking about life among the participants. In my observation, I aimed to obtain answers to the following research questions: 1. How will the children be reacting on that day? 2. Will their reactions be influenced by gender? 3. What evidence will show that their reactions are influenced by gender? 4. Are there other factors that influence their reactions on this day? 5. Are these factors affected by the gender of the student? 6. How is the idea of personal identity shown? Answers to the above questions were to help me defend my main hypothesis, which was that different genders adapt differently to new environments. For me to get all the information required, I got there early to catch all the events. It was difficult to catch all the reactions of the participant due to the size of the crowd but to solve this; I interviewed randomly selected participants at the end of the event. During the event I discovered that majority of the participants were males and that the entire group of participants was excited about participating in this event. I also observed that the female

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Marketing Mix Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

Marketing Mix - Essay Example The ultimate objective of all marketing efforts is to generate revenue, which depends heavily on the price of the product or service. Some of the areas that pricing must look into include cost of development/ manufacturing, profitability, wholesale and retail prices, volume discounts and target market pricing etc. The promotion deals with the communication about a company's products and/ or services, targeted to improve the product image in customers' minds. It includes personal selling, direct marketing, advertising, publicity and other forms of marketing promotion campaigns. In addition to these 4 Ps of marketing mix, other Ps have been proposed like people, process, packaging etc. These are quickly taking over the new concept of marketing mix as being very important factors for a smooth and efficient system. New product development has become a significant source of differential advantage for companies nowadays. With the advent of modern technology, especially internet; customers are more informed of their needs and how to satisfy them. Hence, it is important for companies to consistently develop new products and improve existing ones to remain competitive. A business exist to satisfy customers while making profits (Etzel Walker Stanton, 2003, p.217) and hence it is required to identify the exact customers' needs before developing a product or service to satisfy it. The life cycle of a product consists of four stages namely, introduction, growth, maturity and decline. Product strategy varies for each of these stages and accordingly, all other strategies have to be developed to suit the requirements of a particular stage. For instance, during the introduction stage, it is unwise to manufacture a large quantity of product, but it is required during the growth and maturity stages to keep up with the demand of the product. C. Pricing Strategy Pricing decisions are affected by a variety of factors as stated above. In addition, these also depend upon the target customers. Price skimming strategy is used for innovative products by putting a very high price for the product and taking the first mover's advantage. Another strategy is to use the price penetration techniques to keep the price at a minimum in order to attract more customers. Hence, the pricing decisions vary and depend upon the market conditions. A general approach to pricing include selection of pricing objectives, determining demand of the product, estimating own costs and also the costs of competitors who are offering similar products in the market, and then the pricing method is selected (Kotler, 2003, pp. 472-485). A common method of pricing is to use a cost plus approach, where the price of the product is determined by the amount of money required to produce the product plus a margin over it (Etzel Walker Stanton, 2003, p.331). But other pricing strategies can also be used. A general objective of the pricing strategy is to gain maximum benefit while maintaining competition and the right positioning in the customers' minds about the company's products and services. Other pricing strat

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Technology Review and Integration Plan Essay Example for Free

Technology Review and Integration Plan Essay In the 80’s children normally depended on flash card, heavy encyclopedia, libraries and their parents to learn. When the age of personal computers (PC) started to gain momentum in the 90’s, children started to experience computer programs that help them learn. In the late 90’s multimedia application distributed in Compact Disc (CD) can be installed into computer to provide an interactive learning for children. Just recently with the dramatic growth of the internet, nearly all children have access to an internet connected PC. This also boosts the demand for educational websites that provide learning tools either for a fee or completely free. There are probably millions of websites that can be classified as educational but only few studies that directs us which website are best for our teachers, parents and students. This paper examines educational websites for children by going through at least five educational websites. Then from these five, detailed comparison is done on three best educational website found. Technology Review and Integration Plan The internet which connects computers and servers around the world is now the leading source of information. Vast amount of data can be gathered from internet. One of the very useful websites for teachers, parents and students are educational websites. They come either for free or for a certain fee. Free educational websites normally earn through advertisement. Five of the most notable children’s educational website are http://funschool. kaboose. com/, http://www. kidsknowit. com/, http://www. teach-nology. com/, http://www. kbears. com/, and http://nobelprize. org/. The best characteristic of the Knowledge Bears website is the futuristic submarine like graphical interface. This feature makes the site very attractive and easy to use. Although on the other side, since it is full of flash interactive animation, it loads relatively slower than a more text oriented website like the KidsKnowIt. com website. One of the most interesting features of the Funschool Kaboose Website is the kid oriented look of the graphical user interface like the one shown in Figure 2. This makes it easy for kids to understand the usage of the site. The negative side of this site is that it is more of games than information. Each link are consists of educational games. This makes it less informative than the two other educational websites. The KidsKnowit website contains a simple interface that allows it to be loaded quickly in any internet browser. It has more topics and more information than the Knowledge Bears and Funschool Kaboose website. Although it has some disadvantages compared to other sites, but overall, from cost, ease of use, availability, reliability and learning outcome this site proves to be better. Even with the distracting Google ads, the KidsKnowIt website still gives the best experience. It would be easy to integrate these educational websites into the classroom. First, time must be allotted in every subject to learn from these sites. Then initially, an overview should be given to all the children how to navigate through these website’s educational tools. Then some rules must be set as to how long, what areas and what objectives must be met every time the students visit this site. Finally, an evaluation procedure such as how fast they accomplish the games or an exam about the subject matter must be provided to check the progress of learning.With all of these put in place, then there is no doubt that these sites will be very helpful in teaching students. References About us: Kidsknowit Network Outreach Program. Retrieved August 15, 2008, from Kidsknowit Web site: http://www. kidsknowit. com/about. php About us: Kbears. com . Retrieved August 16, 2008, from Knowledge Bears Website http://www. kbears. com/about. html Main Page: Kidsknowit. com. THE TOTALLY FREE CHILDREN’S LEARNING NETWORK. Retrieved August 16, 2008, from KidsKnowIt Website http://www. kidsknowit. com/

Definition, Process And Classification Essay Example for Free

Definition, Process And Classification Essay Each topic of discourse has the limits of information and resources and the key words intrinsic to understanding the trend of information espoused in the context. There are borders that clearly define this limit, and set processes that order the outlined thoughts or ideas into steps or stages inevitable in appreciating the message of discussion. To achieve this, there are important tools, which can be harnessed: definition, classification and processes. The definition is the succinct introduction of the topic that clearly defines the limits or extent of resources the topic covers. It gives a synopsis of the details that topic entails, releases the clue to understanding such details and hints on the process at achieving the latter. It includes the key words intrinsic to the issues of concern. In brief, this kick starts the engine. One should not make the mistake of referring this to just a word. It is the important concepts that are clearly defined for clarity of thought process. Beyond the definition, one realizes there are details for espousing the ideas associated with the topic. These details are enormous but the important must be highlighted. Process includes the method that explores the specific details, eliminates irrelevances and puts the issue in a right perspective. Alongside the definition and process through which data is obtained, analyzed and processed into useful information, the latter is classified into segments ion such a way that the topic is open for understanding, and further exposition. Classification ensures that boundaries are clearly defined; and provides a systematic approach for build up of comprehension. This implies that by appropriately classifying the available information on the topic of discourse, knowledge into built into interwoven segments and not set apart as mutually exclusive entities. It greatly enriches the significance of topic. These methods, definition, processing and classification, link the topic to existing information and ensure it is useful in the future.

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Functions of Enzymes in Metabolic Reaction

Functions of Enzymes in Metabolic Reaction Enzymes have a fundamental role in all metabolic reaction that occurs in all living organisms. Enzymes are proteins which has the ability to bind to substrates and break substrate into products. In most cases, enzymes act as catalyst as they aid the reactants to come closer by using their active sites. In this essay I will be reviewing the structure and function of a serine protease known as subtilisin and I will analyze the different techniques used by different researchers to define the structure or functions of Subtilisin. Subtilisin is found in various forms such as Carlsberg and BNP. All three enzymes are from different origins, however they have similar primary structure although, their tertiary structures are completely different. Subtilisin BPN is an extracellular protease enzyme of a spore forming organism Bacullus Amyloliquelaniens. This enzyme contains a single peptide chain of amino acid containing 275 residues with no disulphide bridges or SH group. The subtilisin BNP contains 8 right handed ÃŽ ± helical segment these regions are (Alden et al, 1970). Many distortion has been observed due to the standard helix. The longest helix contains a number of residues such as Ala 223 to Histidine 238 which runs all the way from the top of the molecule thought the molecules and to the other end. The other 6 helical segments lie approximately parallel to the longest helix (Alden et al, 1970). Subtilisins are example of serine protease these are found in every organism that exists. There are several examples of serine protease enzyme and one of them is alpha-Chymotrypsin which is one of the known enzymes in the Trypsin family. The Trypsin and the subtilisin are believed to have evolved as they have similar mechanism of action even though they are not detectably related. Subtilisin is a bacterial protease, however Trypsin including ÃŽ ±-Chymotrypsin, Trypsin and Elastase re from mammalian origin. These are the known enzymes to have evolved convergent because they have similar active sites and catalytic mechanisms but has no similarities in terms of sequence or conformational homology. The two known types of subtilisin are BNP and Carlsberg; both have similar polypeptide chain, but there are segments on the chain where a number of residues has either been replaced or deleted. According to Emil (1966), BPN consist of peptide chain of 275 amino acids residues, however Carlsber g enzyme contains only 274 amino acid residues. As mentioned in this paper, the chain is only different by 83 residues which may lead to the question why they are different . Furthermore, the similarities and differences between BNP and Carlsberg suggest there have been deletions which have caused both of these enzymes to evolve in different ways. These enzymes are believed to be serine protease enzymes which means they all originate from the same source and due to evolution these enzyme has been converging away from each others path and both enzyme adapted in its environment in order to survive. This resulted subtilisin to be present in bacteria and ÃŽ ±-Chymotrypsin is found in the mammalian pancreas. This now brings us to the point that ÃŽ ±-Chymotrypsin and Subtilisins having the same catalytic mechanisms. This suggest that both Trypsin family and subtilisin family originates from source. Serine proteases are highly specific enzymes as they use His, Ser and Asp part of their active site. The main characteristic of a serine protease is that they have a unique Ser residue of exceptional reactivity that forms a covalent bond with some of the substrates or inhibitors (Creighton J). In both Trypsin and subtilisin shows many similarity and both contains the particularly highly reaction serine residue which can be specifically phosphorylated by other substrate such as isoprophylfluorophosphate (Alden and Wright, 1970), sulphonated and acylated using different enzymes. Further, research was carried out to find out the protonotic equilibria exhibited by both of these enzymes. The enzymatic similarity between the two different serine protease could be the involvement of a Histidine residue as it has been mentioned in most literature. Previous studies suggested that tertiary structure of ÃŽ ±-Chymotrypsin and subtilisin contains hydrogen bonding involvement in the Enzyme-substrate complex (Polgar and Bender, 1969). The Kcat for hydrolysis of p-nitrophenyl acetate by BPN depends on a group with a pK of 7.2, which presumably was Histidine (Alden and Wright, 1970). Studies were carried out to determine the structure of the enzymes by Neidhart et al (1988) and they successfully refined the structure of Carlsberg. The structure was refines at 2.5 Ã… resolution using X-ray crystallography. Wright et all (1969) found out that subtilisin BNP possesses the catalytic triad, arrangement of active site including Aspartate, Histidine, and serine residues characteristic of the Trypsin family. Further study carried out by Robertus et al (1972), demonstrated that the arrangement and characteristics of the active site is identical for both BPN and other member of the Trypsin family, which means the peptide around the active site were highly conserved. In contrast, the overall peptide chain folding of subtilisin BPN reassembles those in the Trypsin family. Thus the relationship between BPN and mammalian Trypsin family of enzymes have been classified as a case of convergent evolution (Robertus et all, 1972). The catalytic triad consist of the residue Asp 32 , His 64 and Ser 221. This supports the charge relay hypothesis and the catalytic triad is the most important part of the serine protease as it helps the enzymes to work effectively. Subtilisin also contains calcium binding loops which contains abut 75-81 residues which is identical in both type of subtilisin (Neidhart et al, 1988). Subtilisin and ÃŽ ± Chymotrypsin both are highly specific as they only bind to specific substrates. For example, proflovin is a good competitive inhibitor for ÃŽ ± Chymotrypsin is inefficient against subtilisin. And oppositely subtilisin has a good competitive inhibitor 4-(4aminophenylaze)-phenylarsonic acid, where as it doesnt interact with Chymotrypsin at all (Alden et al, 1970). Despite the Histidine residue in the active site, some specific inhibitors still bind to the active site by acylation of the Histidine of the Chymotrypsin; however they do not react with subtilisin. There are differences between subtilisin and Trypsin; subtilisin does not contain any disulphide bridges, but Chymotrypsin has five and Trypsin has 6 which suggest that trypsins are more cystine rich. So apart from the surrounding area of the serine 221 in subtilisin, these two classes have no resemblance from each other as far as the primary sequence is concern (Alden et al, 1970).

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John Okada’s No-No Boy Essay -- Japanese American Internment

The United States of America a nation known for allowing freedom, equality, justice, and most of all a chance for immigrants to attain the American dream. However, that â€Å"America† was hardly recognizable during the 1940’s when President Franklin Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066, ordering 120,000 Japanese Americans to be relocated to internment camps. As for the aftermath, little is known beyond the historical documents and stories from those affected. Through John Okada’s novel, No-No Boy, a closer picture of the aftermath of the internment is shown through the events of the protagonist, Ichiro. It provides a more human perspective that is filled with emotions and connections that are unattainable from an ordinary historical document. In the novel, Ichiro had a life full of possibilities until he was stripped of his entire identity and had to watch those opportunities diminish before him. The war between Japan and the United States manifested itself into an internal way between his Japanese and American identities. Ichiro’s self-deprecating nature that he developed from this identity clash clearly questions American values, such as freedom and equality which creates a bigger picture of this indistinguishable â€Å"America† that has been known for its freedom, equality, and helping the oppressed. Ichiro frequently faced hostility from Japanese-American veterans for being a No-No boy, which heightened self-hatred of his identity. From the moment he arrived back to Seattle, he was met with negativity from Eto Minato, a Japanese-American veteran who went from friendly to hateful after realizing Ichiro was a No-no boy. Ichiro came face-to-face with Eto’s harsh criticism as he told him, â€Å"Rotten bastard. Shit on you†¦ I’ll piss on you nex... ...her he is Japanese or an American. The obstacles Ichiro faced in searching for his lost identity reveal a discrepancy of American values, such as freedom and equality, which are deeply rooted in a segregated society. Through the negativity of many of the Japanese-American veterans and the differences among Ichiro’s entire family, he has literally gone from having a duel-heritage to no identity at all. Since he has no desire to be Japanese and feels unworthy to be American, he sees himself as nothing. His hatred of himself not only hinders the possibilities before him, but it also paints a whole new picture of America. Instead of a nation that is united and fights for freedom and equality, America is divided by racism and strips away the freedom of those they find inferior. Works Cited Okada, John. No-no Boy. Seattle: University of Washington, 1981. Print.

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Alcohol Dependence Essay -- essays research papers

Alcohol Use Disorders are disorders that are caused by the intake of alcohol over a period of time and in ways that lead to harms with health, personal relationships, school, or work. Different alcohol use disorders comprise alcohol dependence, alcohol abuse, alcohol intoxication, and alcohol withdrawal. A person with alcohol dependence has an increased tolerance to alcohol or symptoms of withdrawal after the stop of alcohol ingestion. People who are dependent on alcohol may spend considerable amounts of time drinking alcohol despite the fact that they are fully knowledgeable of the destructive characteristics of the drug. A person abusing alcohol begins to disregard his/her responsibilities in school, at work, or socially because of alcohol use. Also, the alcohol abuser may engage in dangerous activities while intoxicated. Starting with using alcohol as a social drinker, a person will rapidly change their consumption to drinking for the purpose of getting drunk. These people are often drunk in public which leads to many arrests. Alcohol intoxication can often cause a person to undergo emotional conversions such as moodiness or irritability. The person may also experience physical changes like slurred speech and poor coordination. Extreme alcohol use may lead to memory loss called "blackouts". Alcohol Poisoning is when so much alcohol is consumed that death can occur if it is not pumped out of the stomach. Alcohol withdrawal follows the discontinuation of the heavy use of alcohol. It happens because the body has become dependent on the alcohol in the blood for small tasks. When the entire â€Å"normal amount† of alcohol is stopped suddenly, the body retaliates with increasingly horrific symptoms. The person in alcohol withdrawal m... a patient cope with withdrawal is Hour to Hour: The First 30 Days by Shelly Marshall. Another is Alcohol: How to Give it Up and Be Glad You Did, by Philip Tate. The Alcohol Treatment Referral Hotline, 1-800-ALCOHOL, provides help and referrals for people with concerns about alcohol or drug use. National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence hotline, 1-800-622-2255, connects people with survivors who can relate. The Alcohol and Drug Hotline, 1-800-821-4357, provides information on treatment centers and AA support groups. The National Drug and Alcohol Treatment Hotline, 1-800-662-HELP (1-800-662-4357), provides information on alcohol and drug abuse, local treatment options and to speak with someone about alcohol, drug or family problems. All of these resources can help a person in need. Please utilize them to assist yourself of a friend in finding treatment.

Excretion And Elimination Of Toxicants And Their Metabolites :: essays research papers

Excretion and Elimination of Toxicants and their Metabolites The first topic that was covered by this chapter was the excretion of wastes by the Renal system. The first step that occurs in the kidney deals with the nephron, which is the functional unit of the kidney. In the glomerulus the formation of urine begins with the passive filtration of plasma through the pores that are found in the glomerulus. The plasma is forced through these pores by hydrostatic pressure. The only things that determines if a molecule will pass through the pores of the glomerulus is it's molecular weight. The lower the molecular weight, the easier it will pass through the pores. Another determining factor will be if a molecule is bound to a large molecule. If this is true then passage through the pores will be hindered by the size of the larger molecule. Reabsorbtion of the many ions, minerals and other nutrients that escaped in the glomerular filtrate will need to be recovered.. Reabsorbtion begins in the tubules of the nephron. Anywhere from 65% to 90% of reabsorbtion occurs in these structures. Active reabsortion is used to recapture glucose, proteins, amino acids and other nutrients. Water and chloride ions are passively reabsorbed by the establishment of osmotic and electrochemical gradients. Both the Loop of Henley and collecting duct are used to establish these osmolar gradients. The tubule has a brush border that will absorb proteins and polypeptides through pinocytosis. These molecules are sometimes catabolised and converted into amino acids. and returned to the blood. Sometimes the accumulation of these proteins can lead to renal toxicity A second process that occurs in the tubules is tubular secretion. This is another mechanism used to excrete solutes. Secretion may be either passive or active. Secretions include organic bases, which occur in the pars recta of the proximal tubule. Secretions of weak bases and two weak acids occur passively. Other mechanisms involves the use of a mechanism that is called ion trapping. At a certain pH the compounds are more ionized. Outside of the tubule these compounds are non-ionized and are lipophilic. Thus they are able to diffuse across the membranes of the tubule. Once inside, the pH of the tubule will ionize them and render then unable to pass across the cell membranes. The removal of xenobiotics is dependant on many factors. First is the polarity of the xenobiotic. Polar compounds are soluble in the plasma water are more easily removed by the kidneys through the use of glomerular filtration. The faster the rate of glomerular filtration , the faster the polar xenobiotics are Excretion And Elimination Of Toxicants And Their Metabolites :: essays research papers Excretion and Elimination of Toxicants and their Metabolites The first topic that was covered by this chapter was the excretion of wastes by the Renal system. The first step that occurs in the kidney deals with the nephron, which is the functional unit of the kidney. In the glomerulus the formation of urine begins with the passive filtration of plasma through the pores that are found in the glomerulus. The plasma is forced through these pores by hydrostatic pressure. The only things that determines if a molecule will pass through the pores of the glomerulus is it's molecular weight. The lower the molecular weight, the easier it will pass through the pores. Another determining factor will be if a molecule is bound to a large molecule. If this is true then passage through the pores will be hindered by the size of the larger molecule. Reabsorbtion of the many ions, minerals and other nutrients that escaped in the glomerular filtrate will need to be recovered.. Reabsorbtion begins in the tubules of the nephron. Anywhere from 65% to 90% of reabsorbtion occurs in these structures. Active reabsortion is used to recapture glucose, proteins, amino acids and other nutrients. Water and chloride ions are passively reabsorbed by the establishment of osmotic and electrochemical gradients. Both the Loop of Henley and collecting duct are used to establish these osmolar gradients. The tubule has a brush border that will absorb proteins and polypeptides through pinocytosis. These molecules are sometimes catabolised and converted into amino acids. and returned to the blood. Sometimes the accumulation of these proteins can lead to renal toxicity A second process that occurs in the tubules is tubular secretion. This is another mechanism used to excrete solutes. Secretion may be either passive or active. Secretions include organic bases, which occur in the pars recta of the proximal tubule. Secretions of weak bases and two weak acids occur passively. Other mechanisms involves the use of a mechanism that is called ion trapping. At a certain pH the compounds are more ionized. Outside of the tubule these compounds are non-ionized and are lipophilic. Thus they are able to diffuse across the membranes of the tubule. Once inside, the pH of the tubule will ionize them and render then unable to pass across the cell membranes. The removal of xenobiotics is dependant on many factors. First is the polarity of the xenobiotic. Polar compounds are soluble in the plasma water are more easily removed by the kidneys through the use of glomerular filtration. The faster the rate of glomerular filtration , the faster the polar xenobiotics are

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Fight Against Death Essay

Dylan Thomas’s poem, â€Å"Do not go gentle into that good night†, is a poignant commentary on death, inspired in part by the impending death of his own father, who faced deteriorating health and frailty during the last few years of his life. After analyzing this poem it gave it more depth and me a better understanding of the poem. I will be covering the structure/form, theme, and symbolism. The first element I will use to analyze this poem is structure/form. This poem is a nineteen line poem with five tercets and a quatrain. This poem is written using the fixed poetry format of villanelle, in which there are only two rhyme sounds. The refrains are; â€Å"do not go gentle into that night† and â€Å"rage, rage against the dying of the light.† (Clugston, 2010, Ch. 12) Line one refrains on six, twelve, eighteen, while line three refrains on nine, fifteen, and nineteen. The rhyme scheme of this poem is ABA and is written in iambic pentameter. Thomas’s use of simple repetitive language keeps the iambic pentameter, which is ten syllables per line. The theme of â€Å"Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night† is darkness, death, and aging. In every stanza the reader receives an image of death or darkness. An example of the theme is â€Å"Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight, and learn, too late, they grieved it on its way, do not go gentle into that good night† (Clugston, 2010, Ch. 12) which represents the sun setting; in other words it is the dying of the day. Thomas tells readers to live strong lives and fight against death rather than accepting it. The whole poem speaks of fighting and raging against dying. Everyone knows that death will come to them in some way, whether that is today or tomorrow but the author wants us to not welcome it. He wants them to embrace life no matter how hard it gets and whenever death is near, to fight against it. Thomas Dylan uses different types of people to prove that his thoughts apply to all men. The wise men whose intelligent is not going to save him from dying, the good men whose good deeds won’t save him, the wild who learns too late and the grave men who sees with his blind sights. All these men lived a different life but in the end, they all reach the same conclusion which is struggling against death. The words that the author uses to illustrate these themes are â€Å"rage, rage against the dying of light and old age should burn and have rage at the close of the day†. His choice of words supports his attitude towards this theme because in these lines, he’s telling his readers to rage against dying which means to fight against death. As we grow old, life becomes a struggle for some people. Even though struggling is hard, the author believes that life is worth fighting for. The theme and symbolism in this poem kind of go hand in hand. Thomas explores the contrast between the natural symbols of light and dark. Light traditionally stands for â€Å"good† while dark traditionally stands for â€Å"bad†. In this poem the night is a symbol of death, signaling an end. â€Å"Sad heights† is also a symbolism of his father’s life. His father’s life was indeed sad because it did not amount to what the poet hoped it would. â€Å"Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray† (Clugston, 2010, Ch. 12) lets the reader know that he had more rage and strength in his dying hours than he did in life. One of the strongest images of darkness and death is shown in the last two lines of the poem, â€Å"Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.† (Clugston, 2010, Ch. 12) The death of the light here shows us blackness: the ultimate darkness. This one line brings to light all of the darkness, death, and evil that is in this poem. In conclusion, Thomas’ uses the literary elements, structure/form, theme, and symbolism to enhance the poem â€Å"Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night.† The structure/form being that of a villanelle adds to the rhythm of the poem. The theme is darkness, death, and aging which is in evident in every stanza of this poem. There is a lot of symbolism in this poem and it adds to the theme. Without the structure and the symbolism Thomas uses it may have been a different poem. References: Clugston, R.W (2010) Retrieved from

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Little Mermaid Comparisons

Ive never realized that Disneys The atomic Mermaid was non an original Disney character/ legend, though this shouldnt baffle been a surprise since Disneys princesses all generate from stories developed by people right(prenominal) of Disney. Like Disney they take some unmatched(a)s original story and add so much more than to them to make them appropriate and more harmonic to children of all ages.Andersen and Disney two share the standardised story lines when it comes to the main idea of the story. In both The Little Mermaid stories, Ariel wanted to last become human so that she could be with Eric. She also sided with Ursula in a sleep with that would give her legs in exchange for her role in Disneys var. her voice was unplowed in a nautilus dental plate by Ursula, in Andersens version she precise gave up her tongue. She wouldnt stay human ever if she didnt end up with Eric. The punishments were different in both stories if she didnt end up with Eric, and both punishm ents did happen in sensation fashion or an early(a). Andersens story says that if Ariel didnt link up her on the dawn of the next day aft(prenominal) he marries another woman she provide die brokenhearted and will rot into sea foam however in Disneys version Ariel will return to her prescribed foam moreover will break to Ursula.Ariel gets her legs and is fine physically according to Disney, but in Andersens story e precise period she moves it feels as if she is being stabbed in the legs and her feet guide terribly. Eric also falls for her until Ursula deceives him by employ Ariels voice leading him to believe that she is the one that saved him, therefore he wants to marry her. Its a big commotion at the wedding and Ariel heretoforetually gets her voice prat and when Eric tries to kiss her to make the transition complete, the solarize sets and Ariel is returned to mermaid mannequin and kidnapped by Ursula.In the other story the prince thinks the woman he proverb at t he temple where he was frame in after being rescued was the one that saved him, so instead he marries her. Since the Prince marries the other girl instead, causing The Little Mermaid to brace herself for her awaiting death, her sisters try to save her by letting her know that they made a deal with the sea witch that if she pull downs the prince with the knife that theyve got and let his blood drip on her feet shell return to mermaid form and everything would be fine. She couldnt kill the prince and instead died and turned into sea form but she did get a thoroughgoing(a) soul because she strove with all her heart to increment an eternal soul.Disney adds more things to the story that makes it redden longer than the original and a divide of musical. Theyre version is also not as dark as the original, and Ariel does end up with Eric unlike Andersens story where she dies anyway. Andersens version shows no expression towards the idea of childhood, my opinion would be because of how dark the original story was, it doesnt even seem like it is for children. Disneys version is very expressive when showing ideas towards childhood, the story itself is very colorful and appealing to children with the fun characters and songs.The Disney version serves as an example of DeZengotitas Me World because Ariel is environ in her own world inquire about humans and theyre way of animateness and ultimately wanting to become one herself. She represents herself in different ways whether it be by song, or by her actions.