Saturday, July 27, 2019

Case Stady#2 Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Stady#2 - Case Study Example matter of concern, in respect with her Doctor’s advice for her to continue with working since it would help allay the spread of cancer: I would still let her retain her job, but would have to decrease the expected work load owing to her weak and now frail disposition. I would advice her students and colleagues not to put a lot of unnecessary pressure on her. 1I would also have another teacher ready on the standby-just in case the illness happens to take an unprecedented toll upon her, and which may require that she be rushed again back to the hospital. I would urge the school’s staff and the entire student community to accord her total cooperation and respectfully understand her plight. Finally the office staff must take pride in being overly kind, caring and attentive to the needs of the students, teachers and even parents (LeBlanc, 2009). 2In spite of the fact that she is currently ill but still determined with continuing with her work, technically, she still remains an employee of the school because she has found herself in a contentious position, not out of attaining retiring age or out of an act of misconduct; but rather from an unfortunate physical. Therefore a lot of consultation and research on my part must be carried out so that my final decision is informed by integrity and acceptable conduct of professional ethics. I would start with the ministry of education (U.S.) and find out what the ethics and academic duty and laws says about a scenario such as this. 2This is because: Members of a profession agree to maintain high degree of performance, to restrain self-interest, and to promote ideals of public service in the area of their responsibilities (Hamilton, 2002).Therefore it is necessary for me as the principal to strive not to be rash but rather exercise objectivity in my judgment, while not making worse the said teacher’s predicament. 3As I m, mentioned earlier in my introduction, this teacher is not just one of the best in school. She

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