Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Oedipus -Discussion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Oedipus -Discussion - Essay Example Can you relate to him as such? Is there any way that he reminds you of yourself? If so, how? (If not, explain that too.) I like Oedipus’ desire to struggle with fate. I would do the same if I were Oedipus and actually we are fighting with our fate every day in the modern world. Thus, Oedipus is really rather modern personality and his qualities would help him if he lived in the today’s world. 1) Being a politician in today political climate means not keeping your word, "smear campaigning" and building secret alliances with others for self interest. Todays politician will just about say anything to hold and retain a public post. These qualities contradict our tragic hero Oedipus. Unlike politicians today Oedipus was a man with honor and character. Creon, the king Oedipuss brother-in-law, says"If you wish to hear the news in public, Im prepared to speak. Or we could step inside."108 This gave me a first glimpse as to his character and commitment to his constituents. Todays politicians like former presidents Richard M. Nixon and his Watergate scandal or Bill J. Clinton and his Whitewater scandal prefer secret misdeeds to be kept from public knowledge. Yet, Oedipus chose to address all matter publicly. I admire the tenaciousness of our tragic hero for standing on his moral compass oppose to allowing public opinion to shape his every decision. Throughout our protagonist, Oedi pus, remained honest even when he possessed the power to forgive his own misdeed. Would these previously mentioned former presidents have done the same given the humiliation they suffered? Oedipus would keep his campaign promises, be open with information, and would have earned my vote. Although, It is difficult to imagine Oedipus style of politic with todays ; I would vote for Oedipus given the other alternative politicians. Many African-Americans, not to far in todays past, dare imagined a President of the United State of America

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